To lead people, walk beside them…….

“To lead people, walk beside them…
As for the best leaders, the people do not notice their existence.
The next best, the people honour and praise.
The next, the people fear; and the next, the people hate…
When the best leader’s work is done, the people say, 
‘We did it ourselves!’
When the effective leader is finished with his work, 
the people say it happened naturally.”
(Lao Tsu)

Leadership should be organic, it should be natural and those being led should not know that it is happening.

The Incompetent Worker

I’m pretty sure most employees dont get up in the morning and think, ” well how can I be incompetent in my job today?”. I’m sure they dont wake up incompetent, lazy, disinterested, dissatisfied or ambivalent to their job.

However I’m pretty sure poor management (or should I say Leadership) creates these feelings and thoughts in a lot of employees.

Most people go to work for two main reasons. A lively hood that helps them live in this world and to get self satisfaction from doing something they are proud of. Yet a high percentage of business owners, managers or so called leaders go out of their way to ‘learn’ these poor attitudes into their staff.

And I’m pretty sure most business owners, managers or leaders don’t get up in the morning thinking ” how can I de value my employees today”. And if you ask most of them, they’ll say they don’t. They’ll say they want their businesses to be the best they can be.

Yet why are so many of them doing such a bad job of leading employees? Have we not yet learnt that they are actually people, not just a cost to your business. If you employed them and have them in your business, then you must value them, for they are there for a reason.

Lead! Learn to lead, value your employees, give them the chance to show their worth. If you invest in them, they will help invest in you and your business.

Give them that one chance and if they blow it, then move on, but give them that chance by leading them in the right direction.


High performance sports people and professional athletes have coaches. They have coaches, because even though they are the experts in what they do, they don’t (or cannot) know everything. And sometimes, even if they do know it, they can’t look from the outside in to see why what part of what they know is not working.

Getting your business into a high performance/professional level is very hard to do by yourself. It is very hard to take a look at your business from the outside, as even if you were to step out of your business for a while and try to look in, you know too much about it. This includes knowing a lot about the good and BAD stuff within your business.

A business coach can look at your business from the outside, with no agenda’s, no vested interest and a fresh set of eyes. They can then work with you to ‘fix’ those problem areas and make improvements. They can help you build a business, with great systems and process that basically runs itself. Giving you more time to step back a little and work ‘on’ your business, rather than always ‘in’ it.

Business Coaching!

“No matter what field you’re in, the principles of coaching remain the same.

In that respect, Business Coaching is very similar to sports coaching. In sports, a coach pushes an athlete to achieve optimum performance, provides support when they are exhausted and teaches the athlete to execute plays that their competition does not anticipate.

A sports coach will make you run more laps and make you worker harder than you would on your own, even when you don’t feel like it. A sports coach will tell it like it is and they will listen.

Fortunately, a Business Coach does many of the same things, but in a way that is focused on creating a successful business.

The role of a Business Coach is to coach business owners through guidance, support, accountability and encouragement.

Business coaching helps owners of small and medium sized businesses with their sales, marketing, management, team building and so much more. Most importantly, just like a sporting coach, your Business Coach will make you focus on the game.”

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All coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself
Bill McCartney
Logically Thinking

Whenever you need to make a decision, slow down and let your logical thinking kick in.
Unless its life or death, you have time to do this. Just take a moment to get your logical brain into gear.

You Need Me Time!

Everyone needs ‘me’ time. Everyone needs time to themselves. Time to spend with family, friends or just to sit and read a book.

When you own, run, manage and staff your own business, finding time can be hard.Getting your head around time management is one thing, finding the gaps in your allocated time is another.

I do have a vested interest in this next statement, but if you need help in finding time, talk to a business coach. What they do is is work with you to help you find the time.

As the saying goes ‘Everyone has the same amount of allocated time, it’s what you do with it that matters.’

Get help to find that ‘me’ time. It’s important and necessary for a great quality of life.

No one hit wonder here!

Talking to your coach once, doesn’t make it all better. It takes time and effort to get it right. Discuss, Implement, Review, and do it over again.

Are you ready?

President “Teddy” Roosevelt was a phenomenal leader who once said:

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles…The credit belongs to the man in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who at his worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory no defeat.”

Leadership is not easy. As leaders, we are forced to do the things that others won’t or can’t – not because we are better, but because it’s our responsibility.

Leaders are forced to step forward and do the work, get in the arena, and get dirty. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. (That’s Hustle.)

Leaders understand failure, but are struggling to stomach it. The taste is so bitter that it drives a leader to do whatever is necessary to not experience that taste again.

Leaders can’t comprehend indifference. Indifference breeds failure. Leaders have no place for indifference in their teams or lives.

Leaders understand you don’t have to always treat people the same, but you always treat people fair.

Leaders don’t point fingers, they uncover solutions. Leaders know that part of leading is doing whatever it takes.

Leaders cast vision, communicate expectations, have hard conversations, and articulate intensity.

Leaders speak when necessary, but understand the deafening power of silence.

Leaders appreciate the efforts of those that are empowered to lead knowing that leadership is about stewardship, not power; that leadership is humbling and a responsibility.

Leaders, even when scared and insecure, step forward and fight. Not for the sake of the fight, but for the sake of the organization they are passionate about because passion supersedes position.

Are you ready to lead? What traits do you admire in leaders?

Stephen Brewster


Yep Help. That nasty four letter word that most Kiwi SME’s hate to use.

In the past 2 weeks I’ve been to a few workshops, seminars and Ba5’s and have heard from businesses owners, asked and got the same response. “We have problems in our business”.

So why then are these business owners not getting help to resolve these problems? Fixing your business to make it better is an investment, not a cost. It’s a little like going to the Doctor or the Dentist. You don’t want to, it costs money. it could be painful, I haven’t got time. All the excuses under the sun, yet once you go, the pain is minimal and short term, the cost hurts for a little while, but hell don’t you feel better for it?

Once done, you can move on, focus, get things right and do things. Feeling better helps you focus on what you need to do. Not having to worry about the pain or what might be wrong and thinking is it terminal.


If you have a problem in your business business get help. Now! Short term pain, long term gain.